I used to own a home warranty company

It doesn’t work. HomeTool does.



CEO & Founder of HomeTool

Our Roots

We started a home warranty company in 2006 — just a few friends and I. It grew to 100 employees and 200,000 customers. We delivered the best service we could, and we worked like crazy. But, our customers wanted convenient service with quality Pros at a fair price, and home warranties just weren’t made for that.

So we decided to try something new

We love the simplicity of Geico’s “Save 15% in 15 minutes” and the convenience of OpenTable’s online reservations. So, we borrowed both ideas and applied them to home repairs and improvements. Our members book online and are guaranteed to save 20% up to $2000 in savings on every appointment.

Online Convenience + Guaranteed Savings

It’s like getting someone’s chocolate in your peanut butter! Both are good, but it’s better together.


Our Pros

Our Pros are highly-rated by the BBB and reviewed by Yelp. Plus, we place your home on a proven maintenance plan you can easily manage from your phone. We’ll remind you when it’s time to think about your home, so you can spend more time thinking about the people in your home instead.

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Forget Home Warranties

Forget expensive home warranty contracts — they only cover repairs, not improvements. If you read their five pages of exclusions in size eight font, you’ll find out most claims don’t cover what you want or just get outright denied. With HomeTool, you only need to remember two things: our savings can’t be combined with other offers or applied to equipment purchased for you by the Pro.


Compared to a home warranty, HomeTool is a fraction of the cost, easy to use, lets you pick from highly-rated Pros and saves you money on both repairs and improvements. If you spend just $1,500 per year to repair or upgrade your home, you’ll more than pay for your membership. Isn’t that how its supposed to be!

One Last Thing

We don’t sell your info. Ever. We share it with the Pro you select and that’s it.


Get Started

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